How Much Shakeology Is One Serving

shakeology-vanilla-flavor1One of the main questions many people wonder is how much shakeology in one serving. Using the chosen flavor, start with sixteen ounces of almond milk which is unsweetened. You don’t necessarily have to choose this type of milk but this is the healthiest option you can go for. Add one cup of ice and a ripe banana. The next step would be adding one shakeology serving or one full scoop using the included plastic scoop provided in the Shakeology bag.

Also, make sure that you use a blender so all the ingredients can be mixed properly so you can get as much nutrients as possible. Of course, every single person is different so make sure that you experiment with different servings and recipes until you find out that is suitable for you. For people who like their shakeology with extra water, blend all the different ingredients. After the blending process, pour the content into a 24 oz. cup and then add more water until you get the consistency you like. It is important to understand that the servings required will differ from one person to another. Even though this is the recommended serving, make sure you choose the one that is suitable for you.

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