How to Treat Acute and Chronic Injuries

Whenever an injury occurs, our go-to first aid would normally be an ice pack or a heating pad. However, how do we determine which one to use? Read on to find out and to know more about the best heating pads in the market.

Cold Treatment: Ice Packs

Acute injuries are the most common injuries that require cold treatment. For injuries that are swollen and are 24 to 48 hours old, ice packs should be your best bet. Cold treatment will help ease the pain and muscle spasm, minimize swelling, and decrease bleeding in the tissue. While cold treatment is best for acute injuries like ankle sprains, it can also be used for chronic conditions such as overuse injuries in athletes. When this becomes necessary, make sure to put an ice pack over the injured area after an activity to help control the pain and inflammation.

Acute and Chronic Injuries

Wet tea towel and ice cubes are an example of ice packs used for cold treatment. In the absence of ice packs, frozen peas are a good substitute. To apply, place the frozen peas in a wet towel and put it on the injured area. These packs can last for up to 20 minutes and can be reused by simply re-freezing them.


If you happen to have a heart condition, then don’t use ice packs on your left shoulder and around the front and side of the neck.

Heat Treatment: Heating Pads

While it was mentioned earlier that chronic injuries can also be treated with cold treatment or ice packs, it is always best to treat this type of injury using heat treatment with the use of heating pads. Heating pads can help relax and loosen the tissues and stimulate blood flow in the affected area. In contrast to cold treatment, heat treatment cannot be used for acute injuries, especially when swelling is involved. This is because swelling is a result of bleeding in the tissue and heat pads can only make the injury worse by drawing more blood into the affected area.

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