Lifestyle Factors that Cause ED

A very common medical problem, erectile dysfunction is surprisingly caused by lifestyle factors too. Men don’t always associate their habits with ED, it’s usually associated with issues like weight gain, heart problems or digestive disorders. It’s a common misconception that erectile dysfunction is only due to old age. This is certainty a cause but there are many factors that are self inflicted that can create this male sexual dysfunction. Learn some lifestyle factors for ED here at now to discover some simple alternatives, read about penis pumps and vacuum therapy here at

Here are a few things you can do to reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction:

1. Be Active.
Exercise is a popular prevention method for almost any ailment,. The human body should be active, it gets the heat pumping, sweating helps release toxins, muscle burns more calories then fat, and the heart will always thank you for the burst of activity.

2. Don’t Smoke.
As if you need another reason not to smoke, here is number 149: It restricts blood flow by blocking arteries which is the root cause of erectile dysfunction. Funny how a cigarette after sex can actually prevent you from having sex in the first place!

3. Over Consumption of Alcohol.
Causes nerve damage over time, heavy drinkers easily are affected by erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately for their case, the damage can be irreversible, leaving you a lifetime of medication and penis pumps to enjoy sexual intercourse. Many studies have show the side effect of mental problems in association with alcoholism which enhance the body’s inability to produce an erection.

4. Stress.
Human science knows so many negative effects stress has on our life. Mostly an emotional issues that easily spills over to physical health. Lowering stress seems almost like an alternative treatment, something that’s not scientifically proven since we don’t have the capability of advancing our knowledge here so far, but given some time, science will expand to understand the full effect of stress of the body.

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