Lower Your Cholesterol – Live Well – Nutrition Advice

Cholesterol can be caused by your diet, your heredity, or both. While there are a number of treatment options, there never seemed to be an answer as people kept falling victim to this deadly problem which at best causes uncomfortability and at worst is a miserable malaise which ends in death.

But there s hope! Low cholesterol diets are popping up everywhere; in books, in magazines, in electronic print; and the people are listening, increasing their internal health, probably getting healthy in other ways in the process and prolonging their lives.

To start, in just about every woman’s, health, or fitness magazine you see in the checkout, on the racks, or at the library there is a ‘low-cholesterol special’ with dieting tips available. You can also access archives, usually for free online and get your free low cholesterol diet plan from there!

For those of you with early warning signs, why not try cycling yourself off the cholesterol? This is a good idea especially for people who are hooked to their high cholesterol foods as it gives you a little of what you’re used to and then totally shifts it around so that you can balance the scales and maintain some sense of normalcy while still taking off the pounds an unlearning the bad behavior.

For those with dangerously high cholesterol there may be methods for how to eat a low cholesterol diet which works for you. Some may even wish to go cold turkey and get demoted to the no cholesterol diet. I should again stress that if your doctor prescribes this method of dieting that you should FOLLOW DOCTORS ORDERS. Supplements are available as a last recourse, but you don’t want to be hooked to some drug later on in life, do you? High cholesterol can lead to much greater health issues down the road.

There are also derivations which will help in other areas while decreasing your cholesterol intake all at once. Low-fat-low-sodium-low-cholesterol diet low is one, if your need to reduce your intake on all three; low cholesterol and low sodium diets can often be taken together if you need to reduce both.

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