What Is Asthma

Asthma is not a new disease. Over 2000 years ago, and it’s good for the ancient Greeks, for him. “It is hard to breathe,” the current name is actually known in the simplest terms, Asthma is a respiratory disease to understand, but what happens during a typical asthma attack, you can learn some of the basic principles of the process of breathing and the anatomy of the respiratory system.

Under normal conditions, inhalation, air is drawn in through the mouth, and the front, and it is observed in the chest tube into the trachea, or windpipe great. On the basis of the trachea divides into two smaller respiratory muscles, bronchi (singular: bronchus) is known. Bronchitis, as a result of the right lung bronchi, lungs, and the left side of the left bronchus. Each bronchus divides and divides further into the lungs, and hundreds of small airways called bronchioles and make thousands of bubbles called vesicles. It is by means of thin bubbles of oxygen is transferred to the inhalation of carbon dioxide, and blood, and other gases are removed from the body after inhalation through the nose and mouth.

Has a number of respiratory disturbances effective potential liberators. This mucus and cilia are probably two of the most important mechanisms for harvesting and recycling. Mucus released specialized cells called goblet cells, which is bronchitis, as well as for the main wash and lubrication of the respiratory tract. Cilia that many thousands of small and beat them, the fibers that are constantly floating pipelines mucus and other impurities in the direction of the mouth and nose, where they can be easily eliminated.

Cramping, excess mucus production and swelling: can asthma attacks as a disorder of the respiratory delicate operation, and attack these three events are visible. Bronchospasm occurs early attacks. This is in response to pathogens inhaled irritants or allergens, muscle fibers that form. Involuntarily contract bronchial walls and it is believed that a strong autonomic nervous system, the branch of the nervous system that is not consciously controlled. Airway hyper responsiveness, a term that is often used by doctors is another name for bronchospasm.

At the same time. In an asthma attack, the mucus-producing cells on the inside of the bronchi, from the production of a large number of thick, sticky mucus, phlegm or mucus irritating largely responsible for causing the cough is characteristic of “asthma.

If the attack is not enabled, fast swelling bronchial wall inflammation. For further narrowing or blockage of the airways, when this happens, a lot of air bubbles in the lungs and eventually swells the chest. Narrows attempt to breathe this air volume increases the strong influence of hiss typical of asthma. Without immediate treatment, ventilation tube slime, and for other completely, causing shortness of breath, feeling your breath and speak. Immediately rule, normal breathing, and asthma, as “not reversible obstructive pulmonary disease.”

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