What is Temodar?

Temodar (temozolomide) disturbs the development of cancer malignancy cells, slowing down their expansion and spread in the body.

Temodar is used together with radiotherapy to treat some kinds of brain tumor in adults. Frequently it’s given soon after other cancer medications have been tried without having successful management of the growth.

Temodar may also be used with regard to purposes unlisted in this medication guide.

Information and Facts About Temodar
You should not take Temodar in case you are allergic in order to temozolomide or to an additional cancer prescription medication called dacarbazine (DTIC-Dome). Before you take Temodar, tell your doctor if you have lean meats or renal disease.

Avoid using Temodar if you are expecting a baby. It could damage the baby.

Do not open up the Temodar supplement, or utilize a pill that has been accidentally busted. The medicine from your crushed or even broken supplement can be unsafe if you by accident inhale that, or if the idea gets in your eyes, oral cavity, or nostril, or on your skin. If this comes about, wash your epidermis with soapy water or rinse off your eyes using water. Ask your doctor or perhaps pharmacist how to safely take care of and dispose of a broken product or tablet.

Best Ways to Reduce Your Medication Costs
Temodar is often given together with radiation treatment, after which continued for several weeks or months following radiation treatment concludes. There may be periods of time when you will require Temodar for only a couple of days in a row after which wait one more 2 to 4 months before you start a brand new treatment period and take it again. Follow your doctor’s instructions meticulously.

Your doctor may possibly occasionally alter your dose to successfully get the best outcomes. The size, shade, and amount of Temodar capsules you adopt may be distinctive from time to time as your doctor changes your measure. Be sure you be aware of correct number of capsules to adopt and on which usually days to adopt them. Contact your doctor or pharmacist for those who have any questions.

Having Temodar may improve your risk of building certain types of bone fragments marrow cancer. Engage with your doctor relating to your individual danger.

Before Taking Temodar
You ought not take Temodar in case you are allergic to temozolomide or to another cancer prescription medication called dacarbazine (DTIC-Dome).

To get Generic Version of Temodar, tell your medical doctor if you have any of these other conditions:

  • Liver organ disease; or even
  • Kidney condition.

FDA pregnancy category Deb. Do not use Temodar in case you are pregnant. It could possibly harm your unborn baby. Utilize effective birth control, and inform your doctor in the event you become pregnant throughout treatment. It is not known regardless of whether temozolomide passes in to breast dairy or if it might harm any nursing baby. Do not use prescription drugs without informing your doctor in case you are breast-feeding a baby.

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