Why It’s Important to Keep Your Mouth Healthy

teeth-cleaningIn the same way that we work to keep our bodies healthy through exercise and eating well, we must also make an effort to keep our mouths healthy. Simple habits like brushing twice a day and flossing can help to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Here are a few reasons to make your mouth health a priority:

1. Prevent Disease
First and foremost, keeping your mouth healthy can help prevent disease. By maintaining good oral hygiene, you get rid of bacteria that could lead to infection and inflammation. This bacteria is what causes gum disease, tooth decay and cavities. However, there are also many other diseases that have been linked to oral health including diabetes, leukemia, oral cancer, pancreatic cancer, heart disease, kidney disease and more. These often show early signs orally through indicators like white or red spots, sores, infection and inflammation. People who take care of their mouth can catch these diseases in the early stages to prevent further growth and damage. The earlier you can catch a problem or disease the less costly the procedure so it can also save you money!

2. Fresh Breath
Keeping your mouth healthy has the added bonus of giving you fresh breath. Nobody likes bad breath and severe bad breath is a sign of poor oral hygiene. Whether you just aren’t brushing your teeth often enough, or you have a more serious condition caused by dry mouth or another oral issue, bad breath is totally treatable. Put your best face forward each and every day with fresh breath and a great smile!

3. Longevity
Oral hygiene is especially important as you age. The older you get the more prone your teeth are to decay. Adopting good dental habits when you’re young will help you keep your teeth in the long run. It is also imperative to continue with regular examinations and cleanings as you get older since teeth can lose sensitivity with age, meaning you are less likely to feel a cavity or other more serious problems. Keeping your dental health top of mind can really improve your well being in the long-term.

4. Appearance
This is the most obvious reason to keep your mouth healthy! We all want bright white teeth and clean gums. Regular cleanings and good habits can help get rid of stains and maintain tooth enamel. Today’s technology makes it possible for anyone to get the smile they want, whether that includes braces or simple teeth whitening services, it is now more accessible than ever to have the smile you desire! Just ask any dentist in Uptown Dallas and they’ll be able to help you achieve whatever it is you’re looking for.

It’s important to make it a habit to monitor your mouth health with cleanings every 6 months, x-rays, and daily brushing and flossing. Having a healthy mouth is easier than you think and can save you from disease and keep you looking and feeling your best. Put your mouth health first and visit Elite Dental Associates in Uptown Dallas for healthy teeth!

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