Hammies are Back in Stock!

Hammies are Back in Stock!

We've been sold out of many size/color variations for a couple months, but that's history because the new batch is in!!
July 15, 2019

#DADSHORTS Contest for Father's Day

In honor of this upcoming Father's Day, Hammies invites you–fathers and progeny alike–to share your most excellent dad photos from the 60s-80s. 
June 14, 2019
Spring is Here!

Spring is Here!

It's been a looong time but the Hammies Out-of-Stock Winter is over! We are restocked in all sizes and colors and taking orders on our website now!! 🎉
March 19, 2019
#DADSHORTS Contest for Father's Day

#DADSHORTS Contest for Father's Day

It's that time of the year that we celebrate the dads in our lives and the excellent shorts they used to wear 👨🏻 Honor your dad by sharing his best #dadshorts photo and win him a pair of free Hammies this Father's Day 📸 Take some inspiration from last year's winner, @looseygooseyjake's dad, @stephenlendzion 🏆
June 13, 2018
The Ski Short

The Ski Short

Face it, the neon ski onesie was sooo beginning of the season 🙄
The next big thing in ski fashion is ski shorts (except for when it's really cold out, then the 80s-era onesie is still totally in) 🤙

It's heating up 🔥

The Winter is nonetheless coming to an end and it will be time to retire those flannel-lined jeans and make room for your Hammies again and we got you covered with 8 color varieties for each day of the week 🗓😋

Low inventory 📦

Lastly, Hammies inventory is low and we have sold out of many size/color variations. We are starting a new production run in the next couple weeks, so you can expect new stock in April ⛅️

Two-tone preorders 📋

If you would like to reserve a pair of two-tone Hammies or request a custom color combo, fill out our two-tone order form now! 💥
February 23, 2018
Give the Gift of Hammies

Give the Gift of Hammies

We hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday. We spent our's camping out along California's central coast.

Campground Thanksgiving
Chopping wood Sea elephants
Campground cat Running on the beach


For those of you who also #optedoutside this Black Friday, we are pleased to inform you that you didn't miss out on any sweet promos from us because we saved them all for today!

Cyber Monday 👾

Thanksgiving is a time to eat too much–yes–but more importantly it's a time to reflect on what you are grateful for and give thanks...and we are grateful for you. It was only 6 months ago that Hammies broke onto the scene, so you have been with us since the beginning. As we enter into December and more Holidays, we would like to extend a gift to you–a gift that keeps on giving–the gift of Hammies 🎅

To redeem this gift, use discount code GIFTOFHAMMIES at checkout or use this link to enable it before checkout. 

This is an opportunity to share Hammies with a friend, a mate, a girlfriend, a boyfriend, a husband, a wife, a daughter, a son, a nephew, a niece... If your special someone is located somewhere snowy, we promise you that in a couple of months that snow will melt and he/she will be so grateful to have some short corduroy shorts to change into 👍👍

This gift is redeemable until midnight PST today (or 7pm AEDT Tuesday if you're in Australia)! ⏳

November 27, 2017
The Wait is Over!

The Wait is Over!

Hammies warehouse

It's been about 6 weeks since we sold out of our first batch of Hammies. Although we did our best to prepare for this, the fates had it in for us and production time for the second batch took MUCH longer than expected. Ok, so we we're out-of-stock for half of the Summer...that's old news now because our next batch will be ready NEXT WEEK!


  • New color: Purple
  • New sizes:
    • Men's: 28, 38
    • Women's: 32, 34
    • Kid's: 20
  • True sizing: The first batch shrunk so a 32 fit more like a 30, the second batch's 32 will fit like a 32
  • Snaps: The first batch was accidentally made with buttons vs. snaps, the second batch has snaps, baby!
  • Two-tone: We did a limited run of two-tone Hammies which will be given away to future photo contest winners and sold exclusively via flash sales that we will announce on this mailing list...these are reserved for the Hammies Family 🤙

The new shorts are now available for pre-order. This batch is about 5x larger than our first batch, but popular sizes and colors are expected to go quick, so reserve yours today! Pre-orders will be shipped out by Friday, August 25th. 

August 17, 2017
Pop up

Venice Pop-up, Low Inventory, and New Batch

Hammies pop up in Venice

Last weekend, our friends at World Wide Mind graciously allowed us to occupy their space and put out the vibe on Abbot Kinney. The good news is that we sold a lot of shorts! 👍 The bad news is that we are pretty much out of stock! 👎


Pop up

Father's Day


Low inventory

Our inventory is running very low. What we have left: 

  • Women's 24: These fits like a 22, so we're looking at you very petite ladies and KIDS! These fit kids age 8-14 typically.
  • Women's 26: These fit like a 24, so petite and tiny-waisted ladies
  • Men's 36: These fit like a 34, which is a common size, only yellows left

Next batch

We are in the process of making a new and much larger batch of shorts, approximately 750 total. This new batch will improve upon the first one (snaps vs. buttons, shrink-adjusted sizing, a truer red color) and introduce a a couple new colors...expect a purple for sure 💜 The new batch should be ready in about 4 weeks although we will push for sooner 👍




Hammies tees are now available online!! We have men's, women's, and kid's sizes. We made these just for fun so we are selling them at cost. Like the shorts, they are made in the USA so the cost is very high 🇺🇸 But it's a small cost to pay to support other small businesses like us 👌 



Results of the #dadshorts contest

Thanks to @looseygooseyjake for sharing this glorious photo of his ol' man–a man that clearly embodies the Hammies vibe–for our Father's Day #dadshorts contest. Jake got his FREE HAMMIES in time for the weekend and apparently he's seriously putting out the vibe because we have received a few more orders from his hometown of Nashville! 


June 19, 2017
Hammies first online order

Hammies are Here!

To those of you who participated in our original Hammies survey:
First and foremost, thank you for participating in the original Hammies survey. You're overall enthusiasm was the spark needed to take this from an inert idea to an explosion of 134 brightly-colored corduroy shorts!

It's been 6 long months of corduroy rubbing, pattern revising, lab dipping (dye), trim sourcing, label designing, Spanish speaking, and ceviche eating, but I have learned a lot about our local textile and garment industry that is especially in flux right now as a result of American Apparel going belly up...If you or anyone you know wants to manufacture garments locally, I would be more than happy to help. But as I was saying...THE SHORTS ARE HERE! 🎉
Party time!
Hammies shorts in MexicoHammies shorts in MexicoHammies shorts in MexicoHammies shorts in Mexico
The shorts were finished last Wednesday and the next day we flew to Mexico for a wedding, so what you see above are some first-sightings of Hammies in the wild! I brought as many shorts as I could fit in my bag with me and sold all of them, so now there are Hammies in San Francisco, New York City, Buffalo, Boston, and a digital nomad friend of our's will be spreading them all over South America this Summer.
Hammies first online order


If you're local, just come over and try them all on. If not, head over to the website. This first batch is 134 shorts in total with 8 different sizes and 6 different colors (~3 of each size/color variation), so get your color while supplies last!! 😲
Hammies for the whole family


Whether or not short shorts are your thing, you can still support Hammies a couple of ways:
May 18, 2017