The Ski Short

The Ski Short

Face it, the neon ski onesie was sooo beginning of the season 🙄
The next big thing in ski fashion is ski shorts (except for when it's really cold out, then the 80s-era onesie is still totally in) 🤙

It's heating up 🔥

The Winter is nonetheless coming to an end and it will be time to retire those flannel-lined jeans and make room for your Hammies again and we got you covered with 8 color varieties for each day of the week 🗓😋

Low inventory 📦

Lastly, Hammies inventory is low and we have sold out of many size/color variations. We are starting a new production run in the next couple weeks, so you can expect new stock in April ⛅️

Two-tone preorders 📋

If you would like to reserve a pair of two-tone Hammies or request a custom color combo, fill out our two-tone order form now! 💥