Give the Gift of Hammies

Give the Gift of Hammies

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We're thankful for you this Thanksgiving. Hammies is almost 4 years old and we wouldn't have made it this far if it weren't for you. As a token of our appreciation, we would like to extend an exclusive offer to our customers 🤫

Buy a pair of men's shorts or kid's shorts to give to someone special this holiday and get another pair (for yourself) half-off! 🎉

Why men's and kid's shorts? We sold 8x more women's shorts than men's shorts this year so we want to help the men and kids catch up! I think we can all agree that men look better in short shorts...and kids, too! 👨👧👦

Santa lounging in Hammies


Get half-off any short with the purchase of a men's or kid's short. This discount can be applied to multiple pairs, so if you order 4 pairs (2 of which are men's or kid's shorts), you will get 2 for half-off (or 1 for free)! This discount ends at 11:59 PM (PST) on Monday, November 30th ⏳

If you are a Hammies customer, we sent you an email with your discount code 💌 If you're not a customer yet, sign up for our email list by visiting our website and responding to our chat widget and we will send you your own discount code 👍

Krystyna and Santa


We restocked green, yellow, and red and introduced a new purple, navy, brown, green/yellow, red/yellow, purple/yellow, navy/yellow, and brown/yellow last month 🍁

We are restocking blue, white, sand, gray, blue/sand, gray/sand and introducing 2 new solid colors and 1 new two-tone color next month 😮

Due to COVID- and holiday-related delays, these shorts may not ship in time for Christmas ☹

We are restocking green, yellow, red, purple, green/sand, yellow/sand, red/sand, and purple/sand, introducing a new solid and two-tone color, and introducing a few entirely new products in February! We will share more about these in the coming months 😺