Now Shipping From Australia

Now Shipping From Australia

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2022: We are no longer shipping from Australia, sorry! 😭

After weeks of sitting on a ship at the port of Sydney, our container full of shorts finally landed and our Australia warehouse is now shipping orders (and accepting returns)! This means that Aussie customers now get:

💰 Domestic shipping rates: $10 AUD from AU vs. $20 AUD from the US
⏳ Domestic shipping times: 1-5 days from AU vs. 6-10 days from the US
👌 Free exchanges and much less expensive returns

This also means domestic shipping prices for Kiwi customers and discounted international shipping for nearby countries (Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, etc.).


We have stocked green, yellow, red, purple, green/yellow, red/yellow, and purple/yellow in Australia and we will be stocking more colors in the future. The rest of our colors (white, sand, gray, blue, navy, brown, navy/yellow, and brown/yellow) are available in the US and can still be shipped down under at the international shipping rate. Don't forget that we offer free shipping worldwide on orders of two or more shorts (use discount code DOUBLEDOWN)!


We hope that this news finds you well and that you are enjoying your COVID-free Summer 🏖☀️