Hammies first online order

Hammies are Here!

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To those of you who participated in our original Hammies survey:
First and foremost, thank you for participating in the original Hammies survey. You're overall enthusiasm was the spark needed to take this from an inert idea to an explosion of 134 brightly-colored corduroy shorts!

It's been 6 long months of corduroy rubbing, pattern revising, lab dipping (dye), trim sourcing, label designing, Spanish speaking, and ceviche eating, but I have learned a lot about our local textile and garment industry that is especially in flux right now as a result of American Apparel going belly up...If you or anyone you know wants to manufacture garments locally, I would be more than happy to help. But as I was saying...THE SHORTS ARE HERE! 🎉
Party time!
Hammies shorts in MexicoHammies shorts in MexicoHammies shorts in MexicoHammies shorts in Mexico
The shorts were finished last Wednesday and the next day we flew to Mexico for a wedding, so what you see above are some first-sightings of Hammies in the wild! I brought as many shorts as I could fit in my bag with me and sold all of them, so now there are Hammies in San Francisco, New York City, Buffalo, Boston, and a digital nomad friend of our's will be spreading them all over South America this Summer.
Hammies first online order


If you're local, just come over and try them all on. If not, head over to the website. This first batch is 134 shorts in total with 8 different sizes and 6 different colors (~3 of each size/color variation), so get your color while supplies last!! 😲
Hammies for the whole family


Whether or not short shorts are your thing, you can still support Hammies a couple of ways: