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Venice Pop-up, Low Inventory, and New Batch

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Hammies pop up in Venice

Last weekend, our friends at World Wide Mind graciously allowed us to occupy their space and put out the vibe on Abbot Kinney. The good news is that we sold a lot of shorts! 👍 The bad news is that we are pretty much out of stock! 👎


Pop up

Father's Day


Low inventory

Our inventory is running very low. What we have left: 

  • Women's 24: These fits like a 22, so we're looking at you very petite ladies and KIDS! These fit kids age 8-14 typically.
  • Women's 26: These fit like a 24, so petite and tiny-waisted ladies
  • Men's 36: These fit like a 34, which is a common size, only yellows left

Next batch

We are in the process of making a new and much larger batch of shorts, approximately 750 total. This new batch will improve upon the first one (snaps vs. buttons, shrink-adjusted sizing, a truer red color) and introduce a a couple new colors...expect a purple for sure 💜 The new batch should be ready in about 4 weeks although we will push for sooner 👍




Hammies tees are now available online!! We have men's, women's, and kid's sizes. We made these just for fun so we are selling them at cost. Like the shorts, they are made in the USA so the cost is very high 🇺🇸 But it's a small cost to pay to support other small businesses like us 👌 



Results of the #dadshorts contest

Thanks to @looseygooseyjake for sharing this glorious photo of his ol' man–a man that clearly embodies the Hammies vibe–for our Father's Day #dadshorts contest. Jake got his FREE HAMMIES in time for the weekend and apparently he's seriously putting out the vibe because we have received a few more orders from his hometown of Nashville!