The Wait is Over!

The Wait is Over!

Hammies warehouse

It's been about 6 weeks since we sold out of our first batch of Hammies. Although we did our best to prepare for this, the fates had it in for us and production time for the second batch took MUCH longer than expected. Ok, so we we're out-of-stock for half of the Summer...that's old news now because our next batch will be ready NEXT WEEK!


  • New color: Purple
  • New sizes:
    • Men's: 28, 38
    • Women's: 32, 34
    • Kid's: 20
  • True sizing: The first batch shrunk so a 32 fit more like a 30, the second batch's 32 will fit like a 32
  • Snaps: The first batch was accidentally made with buttons vs. snaps, the second batch has snaps, baby!
  • Two-tone: We did a limited run of two-tone Hammies which will be given away to future photo contest winners and sold exclusively via flash sales that we will announce on this mailing list...these are reserved for the Hammies Family 🤙

The new shorts are now available for pre-order. This batch is about 5x larger than our first batch, but popular sizes and colors are expected to go quick, so reserve yours today! Pre-orders will be shipped out by Friday, August 25th.