The Hammies Bikini is based on one of the original bikini styles from the 1960s. It combines elements from a couple of our favorite vintage finds, such as white rick rack trim, faux button closure in the back of the top, darts, and a vertical two-tone colorway. The body and rick rack are made with 15% stretch to accommodate bodies of all shapes and sizes. The buttons and white contrasting trim match the details of our Smock and Cabana Set and really complete that mid-century look.

The Bikini is our latest and greatest of many pieces that celebrate the exuberant and underappreciated styles from 1950-60s swim style. This is your grandma's bikini!

The Look

The Inspiration

The History

The history of the swimsuit is a fascinating tale of American and European prudishness of dress starting in the early 20th century. Prior to the 1940s, most women swam in full garb, including dresses, stalkings, boots, and a weight belt to keep them from floating. Men's swimwear was much less oppressive in comparison (essentially a wool onesie until barechestedness became acceptable in the 1930s). The bikini took the fashion stage in the 1930s but didn't gain public acceptance until the 1960s. For the next 40 years, the swimsuit, and the bikini specifically, pushed the limits of American fashion and modesty more than any other wardrobe item. If you want to learn more, we recommend Making Waves: Swimsuits and the Undressing of America by Lena Lenček and Gideon Bosker.

The Story of the Swimsuit from Making Waves


If you know your Hammies short size, see the "Short Size" column below to find your size in the bikini. Otherwise, check the "Waist" and "Chest" measurements below. The waist and chest will stretch about 15%, so the waist of a size M will stretch from 26" to 30". The top and bottom are sold as a pair vs. separately. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Larger Sizes Please

I adore these suits and want one so badly, but golly PLEASE add some larger sizes! Your big gals wanna look cute too!
I do have one of the tunics and it’s made so well (just like the shorts), but I would love it even more if I could get an XL. Mine is a little snug up top. Thanks and Smiles

So cute! But..,

SO cute! I would love to order this for myself, but need a larger size.

Cute, but needs work

1) Sized pretty accurately, I'm on the small end of the medium spectrum; top is only slightly too wide (for me), but otherwise the suit fits well.
2) Very cute design; looking forward to different colors in the blocked pattern
1) Tags were sewn oddly, they don't lie down flat, but rather, stick up/out of the garment, kind of annoying
2) Not ideal for long hair, my hair got caught around the buttons, can be rectified with braided hairstyles
3) After only two visits to the beach, the top collected a surprising amount of sand between the lining and outer layer, and I'm not sure how to remove it. Activities were swimming in waves, general merriment (I wasn't getting buried in the sand, but I also wasn't just sun bathing).

**Would buy again if improvements are made to the design; it's a pricey suit to have these kinds of issues**

Thanks for the feedback, Nicolette.

The tags are tear-away so feel free to remove them

We will see what we can do about the buttons snagging your hair and the sand collecting between the liner and shell.

Bigger sizes please

I would like the second the other review that asks for bigger sizes. This suit is super cute and larger tops (and bottoms) for us DD gals would be rad, especially if they have a little extra support.

Top Heavy.
Extended sizing?

The largest size for the chest is 31”?! Would love to see this available for us thick girls!